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what we do At Spotlight Research Group, what we do is less important than why we do it. Our mission is to ensure that our practices that combine all the best elements of effective art and science help our solutions achieve their goals. As technology evolves and interactive requirements and platforms grow, it is increasingly challenging for companies to maintain their brand and provide the latest in technology delivery.

Core Philosophy

We follow a team-based approach to problem solving and always ensure that our solutions benefit from our experience and set of best practices. We specialize in the design and development of world-class, user-centered, systems development that solve usability issues, follow best practices, improve operational efficiency and provide significant cost savings.


Behavorial and user research studies are our core competency. We have conducted hundreds of studies providing insights for XXX. Our experience has afforded us the expertise to discern what works and what does not work from the design phase through the analysis phase resulting in cogent and actionable conclusions. With each assignment, we take a fresh approach to the specific objectives when determining the most appropriate target audience, methodology, and analytics. Our key objective is to provide the very best answers available to the questions that keep us awake at night while working to deliver our solutions./p>

The Right Methodology

We have extensive experience identifying and applying the user research and development methodologies best suited to provide actionable insights to address our solutions most difficult business challenges. This experience combined with our understanding of business processes, user behaviour, product, brand, and information technology gives our solutions the right insights to inform strategy and decisions. We are experts in all methodologies from quantitative to qualitative and focus on collecting the very best data and laddering it up to provide our solutions with not only the insights, but wisdom and confidence to make the very best possible business decisions.

Industry expertise

  • Financial services
  • e-Commerce
  • Logistics, Distribution
  • Aerospace
  • Interactive media, social media